INTERNATIONAL BRASOV One Loft Race - Romania (Closing: MONDAY, 10.10.22, 21:00 GMT+2)


International Brasov One Loft Race offers for sale 24 pigeons, which occupy the first places in the Final from Forro (Hungary) 450 km, as well as the first places in the Ace category.

Final race Forro (450 km) 477 pigeons

Semifinal race Horea (333 km) 622 pigeons

Hot Spot 3 Zalau (250 km) 734 pigeons

Hot Spot 2 Valcele (180 km) 777 pigeons

Hot Spot 1 Ludus (140 km) 837 pigeons

The 6th edition of this pigeon loft gathered at the start a number of 1066 pigeons, belonging to a total of 175 breeders from 12 countries.

49% of the participating pigeons successfully passed the difficult tests of the flight plan (Ardeal route) and were basketed for the Grand Final. Despite the extremely strong side wind on the day of the Final, 85 pigeons managed to arrive on the first day of the race, the first arrivals registering a speed of 1238 m/min.







3 Final 450 km TEAM N RO-1238705-22

Wrong   Suma: EUR

7 Final 450 km STAICU & DRACEA RO-0708409-22

Alexionut1989   Suma: EUR

16 Final 450 km TEAM M & R GB-22-V-72077

Mario2013   Suma: EUR

2 Ace TEAM TIBI & ADRIAN RO-0725715-22

Adonis27   Suma: EUR