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BALKANIC FAIR-PLAY RACE 2018 (19th Edition)

- Receiving of the pigeons: 15th of March - 15th of May.

- Entered pigeons must wear 2018 life rings.

- Pigeons must be healthy and vaccinated against PMV at least 14 days before entering in the loft. 

- The active pigeon is defined as the pigeon with paid activation fee.

- Only active pigeons are eligible to win prize money.



- Entry fee: 200 EUR / team of 3 pigeons, no pigeon is active. A breeder, syndicate can enter an unlimited number of teams (team A, team B, etc). Once pigeons have been assigned to a team they cannot be transferred to another team.

- VERY IMPORTANT! If any pigeon of a team (except free team) will not be basketed to Hot Spot 1 (after 110 km training), and any will not return later, the participant may enter, on the same name, a free team for the next edition of the race.

- VERY IMPORTANT! Maximum capacity of the lofts for 2018 is 1350 pigeons/ 450 teams.




- Activation fee: 100 EUR / pigeon, after 110 km training.

- If an active pigeon will not be basketed to Hot Spot 1, the activation fee will be fully returned.

- The activations will not be returned if the pigeons will not return from Hot Spot 1 and the races / trainings which will follow.

- Non entered pigeons can be activated by third parties with 3 days before Hot Spot 1, will compete on the name of the original entrant but the prize money will go to the person who activated it.

- Missing pigeons before Hot Spot 1 which will return later will be automatically activated, without payment of the activation fees.

- Pigeons which will not be activated will not participate in the next races.



Trainings between 5 - 70 km

01.08.18 Training - 110 km (RO)

01.08.18 – 09.08.18 / Activation period

10.08.18 Hot Spot 1 – 170 km (RO)

17.08.18 Hot Spot 2 - 200 km (RO)

24.08.18 Hot Spot 3 - 250 km (RO)

31.08.18 Semifinal - 320 km (MD)

09.09.18 Final - 500 km (UA)

22.09.18 Super-Derby – 550km (UA) / OPTIONAL (read below)


The trainings between races will depend of weather prognosis and condition of the pigeons.



PRIZE MONEY (60.000 EUR prize money guaranteed PLUS all entry fees over 300 teams (900 pigeons) will be added to the Final Race prize money fund, as follows: from 11th – 50th place, each will get 2,5 % from the total amount):



 - Trophies for the first 10 pigeons in the Final Race, first 5 pigeons in the Semifinal Race, first 5 Ace-pigeons and first 3 pigeons in Hot Spots. Diplomas for 11th-50th arrived pigeons in the Final Race.



- The Ace is the pigeon that completes the combined distance of all the Hot Spots, Semifinal Race and Final Race in the shortest time. In case of a tie, the pigeon with the highest placing in the Final Race will win.



- Pigeons which return from Final Race (except first 10 arrived and first 3 Ace-pigeons, which will be automatically auctioned) may be optionally activated for Super-Derby 550 km in the same liberation with the Classic National YB Race Nikolaev (UA) on 22nd of September 2018.

- Pigeons which will not be activated by their entrants will be automatically auctioned.

- The person who activated a pigeon for the Final Race, has the right to activate it also for Super-Derby.


Activation Super-Derby:

- Activation fee: 50 EUR / pigeon. If an active pigeon will not be basketed to Super-Derby, the activation fee will be fully returned.


Prizes Super-Derby 550 km:

- The total of activations (100%) will be divided to the first 5 pigeons arrived, as follows:

1 prize = 30% + trophy

2 prize = 25% + trophy

3 prize = 20% + trophy

4 prize = 15% + trophy

5 prize = 10% + trophy



- All returned pigeons will be auctioned public or/and via internet.

- The person who entered the pigeons will receive 50% of the auctioned sum after the deduction of auction expenses.

- The participants who will not send the pedigrees and ring cards before the date of the Final race will loose the right of the auction return.



Organizers reserve the right to change the date and the liberation site of the races, depending of weather conditions and/or major force cases.

The duration of each race is at the discretion of the organizers.




Stefanescu Liviu & Bibi

Crangului, 100

Targoviste, cartier Priseaca, DB


Tel: +40 723 345543 (Whatsapp); +40 760 256823

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